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Overhead and Underground Power-line Construction


Complete Power Connect (CPC), is a level 1 and 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP), providing a turnkey solution for all our rural, residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our Services start from liaising with every authority and providing our customers with a certified level 3 design for our overhead, and underground power line works, as well as supplying and installing the dedicated transformer and power supply as required.

Breakdown of our services:

  • Liaising with Your Energy Authority, i.e. Essential Energy, etc
  • High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) Works
  • Supply Certified Level 3 Electrical Designs
  • Overhead and Underground Powerline Construction
  • Supply and Installation of Pole Mounted Substations
  • Supply and Installation of Pad Mounted Substations
  • Overhead Transmission Line Construction
  • Underground High & Low Voltage Reticulation
  • High & Low Voltage Cable Jointing
  • Conversion of Overhead to Underground Power
  • Supply and Installation of the Entire Electrical Reticulation Including Service Pits, Pillars and Streetlights
  • Underground and Overhead High Voltage & Low Voltage Mining Applications 

Underground and Overhead Powerline Construction

Complete Power Connect (CPC) continues to deliver excellent service availability, as a level 1 and 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP). Our experience as a level 2 ASP is with supplying and installing consumer mains, including main switchboards, final subcircuits, dedicated protection devices and every authority metering facilities as required to meet national standards. CPC quality you can count on and experience you can trust.




ASP LEVEL 1 Contestable Works

Earthing New Sub Station For Existing Home WEBSITE

Complete Power Connect Level 1 Authorised Service Provider

ASP1: 4403

Construction of network assets

Do you want to extend the overhead or underground power network to reach your property, or perhaps you require the capacity of the existing network (the amount of electricity it can safely supply) to be increased? Including high and low voltage works and substations. If so, you are looking for an ASP1 accredited company.

Complete Power Connect specialising in all ASP1 works.

ASP LEVEL 2 Contestable Works

Disconnecting old service (ASP2) WEBSITE

Complete Power Connect Level 2 Authorised Service Provider

ASP2: 4386

Service work/connection services

Category 1- Connecting & disconnecting your premises from the network.

Category 2- Installing or repairing an underground service line to connect your premises to the electricity network.

Category 3- Installing or repairing an overhead service line to connect your premises to the electricity network


ASP LEVEL 3 Contestable Works


CPC is a Level 1 & 2 Authorised Service Provider.

CPC subcontract ASP 3 designers.

Design of network assets

Our professional relationship with a very experienced ASP 3 level designer ensures a cost-effective construction solution for our customers. Years of building a close relationship with the best have become essential in the designing of the network assets for overhead and underground works.

Complete Power Connect working closely with ASP 3 designers.

About Us

CPC (Complete Power Connect) is a local service provider to the Central West and New South Wales providing electrical and specialised services to the electrical industry. Our company is an accredited level 1 and level 2 ASP specialising in underground and overhead power line construction and HV and LV cable jointing for supply authorities and mining professionals alike.

Our services extend to commercial and industrial electrical systems and maintenance as well as construction of LV switching stations and distribution boards. Our company consists of linesman, HV Cable joiners and subcontractors. Our clients consist of local council, department of education & training, developers and commercial builders.

Our Electrical Services vary from large rural, residential, commercial and industrial projects and a reactive 24 hour emergency services. At CPC we are committed to supplying our customers with a turnkey solution from HV supply through to final testing commission of sub circuits and permanently connected equipment. 

Our reputation for excellence, quality and honesty will leave you wanting to do another underground or overhead power project. With the most up to date qualifications and 40 years of combined knowledge in the electrical supply industry, our team delivers nothing but quality.

Our Mission

is to be a world class leader in the electrical power supply industry and the preferred accredited service provider for both the customer and the supply authority.

Our Vision 

is working together with our customers to guide them through the unknown with providing an honest, informative and quality done right project.

Quality Safety & Environment

At CPC (Complete Power Connect) we work under a sophisticated and integrated management system framework. Covering quality, occupational health & safety and environmental management. A system that is implemented on every project that CPC covers.

CPC’s systems are structured to meet the current Australian and international legislation and Industry standards. We ensure our policies, procedures and work instructions are safe and working to minimize environmental impacts.

Occupational Health & Safety: AS 4801:2001 (Occupational Health and Safety systems to meet the NSW WH&S Act 2017 & NSW WH&S Regulations 2011)

Environmental Management: AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Systems Specifications)

At CPC we comply to all the above regulations including the Australian Wiring Standards and the Electrical Supply Industries Construction and Safety Guidelines.


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